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Here is number 50 on the TAJT-10th HBCU 2014 Poll ! CCA-Selma

# 50
Concordia College of Alabama 
1 win  9 Losses 

The Hornets of Concordia-Selma are the only HBCU in the Concordia College system , The green and yellow are members of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA). That being mentioned not one player made the All USCAA team this season.

Head Coach  Stanley Connor
First year at CCA-Selma
(Alabama St,Alabama A&M,Benedict)  

Coach Stanley Connor is the  4th  First year head coach in our TAJT-10 Poll. Coach Connor comes to the Hornets after serving as the head coach of Benedict. This season CCA-Selma kicked off  with a 31-0 loss to the Golden Lions of Arkansas Pine-bluff  followed up with a 27-14 win over Point University! Unfortunately the Hornets winning feeling did not last long as they buzzed their way on an 8 game losing streak. 

# 5  Horatio Keller  (Frosh) QB
8  games 115 attempts  47 completions 474 yards 1 TD 9 Ints

Coach Connors has bright spots going into 2015 despite the rough first season ! Freshman QB Horatio Keller ran the offense for 8 games and  Junior QB  Andre Millet helped keep the Hornets close in contest.

Keller  was 18-34 passing for 106 yards  and ran the ball 12 times for 27 yards and a TD in the loss to Warner (17-12). While Millet Passed for a TD in the loss to Ave Maria (16-12). 

Andre' Millet (Junior) QB
7 games  82 attempts  27 completions 413 yards 1 TD  8 Ints 

The Hornets lost their final game of the season 73-6  at the hands of Delta State! The Statesmen demolished the Hornets with an Air raid of 408 yards while compiling 536 total offensive yards. Despite that outcome  coach Connor still had a bright spot in Freshman wide out Chris Lee (  7 games 142 yards ) who garnered 95 yards on 4 catches and a TD  as Kellers main target ! 

The Hornets  2014  Recieving corp:

10J EmbryConcordia College Alabama10161.621621.613.5148
11K EasleyConcordia College Alabama8162.013617.08.5059
12D ParkerConcordia College Alabama9101.112513.912.5171

Defensively  Linebacker  Anthony McGilberry  is the Sting in the Hornets Strike ! The 6'3" 205 pound outside linebacker  lead the USCAA with 100 tackles and 60 of those were solo, not to mention his 6.5 tackles for loss and his 10 tackle per game average.
USCAA Defensive top 50  defensive rankings (CCA-Selma Players) :                             


                  Tackles                                                                                                                                                           Games     solo     Asst      Total       AVG       SACks                     

1A McGilberry

20C Hughes

25C Hightower

26D Fairley

35D Franklin

40D Hathorn

41J Rockett

41C Williams

45A Taylor Jr

Coach Connors and his Hornets will buzz into 2015 looking for a little more sting when they strike!  
Hornets 2015 Schedule 
DateOpponentScore   W/L  LocationStatus0-5 
 @ Warner University

34-3     Loss 
Lake Wells, FL 
12:00pm ET 
VS Lane 

17-14   Loss 
Selma, AL 
2:00pm CT 
 @ Stillman

18-15   Loss 
Tuscaloosa, AL
Stillman Stadium
3:00pm CT 
@ Southeastern Univ.

37-7    Loss 
Lakeland, FL 
7:00pm ET 
@Alcorn State
47-0     Loss 
Lorman, MS
Spinks-Casem Stadium
2:00pm CT 
High School Day 
 @ Ave Maria

Naples, FL 
12:00pm ET 
Vs Tiffin 

Selma, AL 
1:00pm CT 
@ Edward Waters

Jacksonville, FL
Stanton High School
2:00pm ET 
Vs Clark-Atlanta 

Selma, AL 
2:00pm CT 
@ Central State

Wilberforce, OH 
1:00pm CT 
Senior Day 
 @ Point Univ.

Valley, AL 
12:00pm ET 

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